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Our mission is to make Adult More Fun with our candy for grown-ups. Eat Your Drink™ with the world-first Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies made with high quality spirits, 5% ABV and fruit blends. Shop Alcohol-free Cocktail Candy and Drink Mixers and explore our brand experiences. Specialties: The Candy Store has been providing the very best in adult entertainment since It's a place to have fun and enjoy beautiful women along with your favorite cocktail. We are not the typical "Gentlemen's Club". We are, as our /5(57).

'It's an adult candy store': Columbia's third Green's Beverages store opens Friday Lock Reddic, president of Green’s Beverages, has run the family liquor store business for 30 years. Dec 13,  · An adult candy shop has opened in New York with boozy gummies By Emma Orlow Posted: Thursday December 12 , PM. Facebook Twitter Author: Emma Orlow.

Just Candy offers hundreds of different kinds of candy to match the theme of your party and appeal to the taste buds of your guests. For an adult birthday party, Just Carries any size, color, flavor, shape or type of candy you desire including chocolate covered candy, caramel candy, assorted toffee, taffy or rock candy sticks. Welcome to the naughty side of the Candy Lady. Here we specialize in Sexually Explicit chocolates. The following items contain Language, Content, Nudity, Sexual Situations and/or Sexual humor that might be interpreted by those without a sense of humor, to be objectionable. This category is recommended For Mature Viewers Only.