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Outside from the south entrance to Chang'an, go to the portal to the west (Above the Cannon NPC). Talk to Examiner, and he asks you to take his test to become an adult. There are three parts to the test. Part 1: Back out in the previous area, go to the southmost portal 'Hill Pathway'. Apr 19,  · Apr 19,  · wonderland online jus some info i copy & paste from forums. sry i jus copy n paste some info i got from forums so if any1 need more info they dont ve to go forums n search sometime the link is lost lol Adult Ceremony Test In China)Inspecting Soldier test .

Apr 19,  · Apr 19,  · In Wonderland online, who is the companion that appears in the tree at the beginning? monkey Actually, building is construction xD Also, riddle papers questions are Q&A ones xD Also, the questions aren't exact since i haven't been on it in a long time Adult Ceremony Test In China)Inspecting Soldier test on your great wall knowle. Adult Ceremony Test: 3 Holy EXP Potion*1, Phoenix Feather*3 Assassin's Plot: 1% EXP Capsule*1, Holy EXP Potion*1 BBQ Pork Buns: Small Love Bouquet*1, EXP + Brotherhood: 2 Holy EXP Potion*1, Protective EXP Pill*3 Chinese Arena Competition: 3 Holy EXP Potion*1 Chinese Culture: Mini Dragonfly*1, EXP + Divine Kirin: Magical Egg*2, 5%.

Adult Ceremony Test. Location: Chang'an NPC: The Examiner in Vale Jungle (, ) Condition: Your must be at least level 50 Process: You can do this quest once you have reached level There are 3 tests in this trial. Are you ready? Rewards: 3X Holy EXP Potion*1, Phoenix Feather *3. Below is a list of all quests in the game (still in progress).If you want to see the quests available to you in your area, then try here.