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Text BLOCK to to add the Adult Content Filter. When this is done by the account holder, all mobiles will receive the Adult Content Filter. For all other users, this will add the feature to your mobile number only. You can also sign in here and select which mobile numbers will receive the Adult Content Filter feature. Any changes made to. Dec 19,  · The information about the Android version distribution comes from a popular adult content website. Google hasn’t updated this information .

Aug 30,  · Presently, Windows Phones do not have adult content filtering but as JR de Pijper has pointed out, you are definitely able to lock your phone to prevent unauthorized use/access of your phone. Zune does have adult content filtering to help prevent unauthorized access to specific music and movie ratings. More information about Zune safety settings can be found here: . May 03,  · Adult Content for Mobile Phones Soon Available Content will include Bikini Cocktail Videos featuring top celebrity models May 3, GMT · By Sorin Trusca · Comment ·.

May 22,  · You obviously don’t want your child to be able to use certain apps such as adult content. Adult content websites and apps can be blocked by parental control apps. No matter what your child does, they will not be able to access any such content as . Accessing and blocking adult content on your phone. All new Three devices have our internet content filter switched on by default. As long as you're over 18, you can switch this filter off whenever you like. At the moment, you can only change your adult content settings on a mobile .