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We have over 80, rental costumes in our collection. Click here to see the full list of Plots that we have available, you may click on any highlighted show to see samples of our costumes! Please call our rental department toll free at for more details. Individual renters can choose from our featured website collection or call us with a specific request. At, we remember this whole rental phenomenon fondly, and want to bring the idea back, but with the products we know best: costumes! Our Halloween costume rentals give you all the options you want without the responsibility and commitment of ownership.

Adult Deluxe Costume Rentals. Request a FREE COSTUME PLOT Costume Rentals. Choose from our list of over shows! View Full Show List». Costume rental locations include William Pitt store in the Historic Area and Revolutions in the Williamsburg Visitor Center. Rental costumes are available in a range of sizes for adults and children. Rentals are only available to on-site visitors. Ready-Made 18th Century Costumes. The newly-renovated Tarpley, Thompson, and Company store in the.

DC Theatricks is a full service costume rental and sales cyber-sex.xyzhout the year, we provide costumes for theatrical shows, Halloween costumes, movie stars, science fiction, medieval, renaissance, horror, military uniforms, period costumes, and seasonal holiday costumes. Theatrical Show Costumes. DC Theatricks proudly provides clean, accurate, and well fitting show costumes. Costume Rental Coordinator; [email protected] Available Costume Rental Packages: Addam's Family Creepy and Kooky, our costumes live up to the screams! Pay a call (or email) on us for more information on our Addams Family costume rental package! Disney's Aladdin Jr.