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Homework Goals & Objectives for Basic Keyboarding: Keyboarding Homework for all Grade Levels. The Massachusetts Department of Education recommends students should be typing 30 words per minute (wpm) or more with less than 5 errors per session. The goal is to acheive % accuracy. May 21,  · Course Description: Mastery of the alphabetic keyboard by touch—a skill that can be used on typewriters, CRTs, computer terminals, or other equipment with a keyboard. This course is not recommended for Office Administration majors. Basic Course Objectives Mastery of the alphabetic keyboard by touch Familiarity with number and symbol keys.

Keyboarding Standards Typing Agent meets standards that cover Common Core, Smarter Balance, NETS/ISTE, and PARCC. Our curriculum gets students to make the most out of keyboarding while meeting these national standards. Typing Agent uses a spiraling curriculum that reinforces common blends, grade-level words, and educational knowledge. Objectives: Students will learn the basic typing position, and practice key stroking, spacing and return. Students will learn to operate the home row letter keys and the basic service keys by touch.

The Introduction to Keyboarding course is designed for individuals who have no formal training in keyboarding. The objective is to teach students the skill of keyboarding – essential to the learning of other computer applications and workplace skills. The course begins with an . Typing Sprout (2/5) Every correct key typed = 1 xp. Upgrade to Remove Ads: Go Premium! — Avg. Speed — Avg. Acc. — Typing Time Create a free account to save your progress! Log In. Create Free Account. Typing Lessons. Beginner. Start Intermediate.