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Our adult education program provides meaningful Jewish learning for adults who have busy schedules. Many adults want to expand upon their knowledge of Judaism, or wish they were more fluent in Hebrew. Others want to learn more so that they can discuss Judaism, Jewish . Adult education is a powerful mechanism for generating participation and meaning in Jewish life. Jewish education benefits adult learners while creating significant opportunities for community growth. Communities are strengthened by strong social networks among people from multiple generations and across geographic divides.

The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education: Adult Education Resources The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University was established to promote Jewish education in the Diaspora. Adult education programs include Torah study and adult B’nai Mitzvah. The classes are taught by Rabbi Schectman and start with the basics of Hebrew literacy. No prior Jewish education is necessary. The class will move at a relaxed pace and you will gain mastery of the Hebrew letters and vowels.

© - Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge - Weaver Xtreme Theme Adult Education. Beginning Hebrew. We have a weekly class to teach Hebrew. Email us if you are interested in joining. Rabbi’s Study Session. Monthly after Saturday morning services, the Rabbi . Adult Education - The Jewish Experience | Denver Education is at the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission. At the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission is education. We have a great team of engaging Torah gurus who love to answer your questions and share the beauty and depth of classical Judaism in the language of today’s Jew.