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adult ego state - did I bruised your male ego?

Nov 10,  · The Adult Ego State is the set of feelings, attitudes and behaviours that are in direct response to the here-and-now reality. Responses are not based on the past. The Adult state of Author: Roma Sharma. Adult ego state Let's start with the adult ego state, which is the middle circle. In many ways this is the place to be on the inside, because when you are in Adult you are in the present. You are aware of all your options as the person you are, and you are in contact with what's going on in the here and now.

Ego State Theory As you attempt to communicate with another person during a crisis situation, understanding the ego states that you and the other person are . Apr 24,  · Adult. When we are in our Adult ego state we are using thinking, feeling and behaviour in response to the “here and now”.

Each ego state consists of a combination of thinking, feeling and behavior. In the parent ego state, you think, behave, and feel the way a person of authority in your life did. These are states that you have adapted unreflected from the past to the present. The Adult ego state is about being spontaneous and aware with the capacity for intimacy. When in our Adult we are able to see people as they are, rather than what we project onto them. We ask for information rather than stay scared and rather than make assumptions. Taking the best from the past and using it appropriately in the present cyber-sex.xyz