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Oct 16,  · Family Feud is a great game for house parties or friendly adult get-togethers. The questions below are specifically meant for adults, as kids will have a hard time answering them. Some of them touch on sensitive topics, so they aren't the best questions to answer around your co-workers. Nov 08,  · Family Feud is certainly one of the most famous American TV recreation shows where households compete against every other in supplying the most suitable and maximum popular solutions to survey questions with the closing goal of prevailing money. Over the centuries, the show has seen a variety of host changes, cancellations and comebacks, however the Continue reading "Fun Family Feud.

Aug 02,  · Family Feud is a game show where two teams go head to head and try and guess the most popular answers to survey questions. It’s essentially a race to see which family can come up with the best responses, so the people answering the questions have to be quick on their feet. Feb 21,  · [Results] Family Feud Surveys - Top 5 Answers (All Welcome) I have to give a big thanks to r/samplesize for your help with a couple of collections of Family Feud questions I posted last month. I used your responses to put together seven games that we played with a bunch of YouTubers on a new gameshow YouTube channel.

Name Something Kids Say They’d Do If They Were An Adult, But That Adults Rarely Do.(7 answers) Stay Up Late (34 points) Party (20 points) Become Rich (13 points) Sleep In (10 points) No House Rules (8 points) Eat Junk Food (6 points) Travel (5 points) Name A Place Where Adults Go To Relax, But Kids Go To Play. Family Feud season sixteen surveys Looking for some up-to-date surveys for your "Family Feud" home games? Here are the main game questions from all episodes of the sixteenth season of the show (taped during the summer of ). All questions are .