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adult fan fic johnny test - johnni black & mark davis & sean michaels

Feb 19,  · Right now, I am seeing if anyone is up for making a Johnny Test fanfic. I want it to mostly be incest, but I, also, want to include a few of the female characters mention in the show. I do require everyone to be featured in their original age, portrayed in the show, ie, Johnny is 10, Susan and Mary are 13, etc. Cartoons Johnny Test. Follow/Fav Acting Off. By: devilnightking Something I came up with after watching the show and reading some fanfic. Hope you enjoy, even though this story type's been done to death. Hell, I'VE written this sort of story before. Still, it's a good prompt to run with and before anyone asks, no this hasn't happened to.

Johnny became Super Johnny and his fucking dog joined him as Super Pooch. Johnny said to Dookey "just like they took out Bin Laden we're going to put Bling Bling Pussy Boy out of commission." Susan said "oh my strong noble brother." Mary yelled "GET THE SON OF A BITCH!" Johnny and Dookey took off and yelled "EUGENE SURRENDER NOW OR YOU'LL BE SORRY! Don't blame me about this story, but I thanked Snafu the Great, Ultimix, and Tnelson for getting me inspired to something like this. It was Ultimix who inspired me, but I am actually sick and tired of people in deviantart for criticizing and hating on him Johnny Test.

A few minutes later, Johnny woke up. "I am so glad that your tonsils are taken out." said Lila. "Thank you mom." said Johnny. "My sisters like me." "Come on kids. Let's take you to the blood test room." Lila said. When they arrived at the blood test room, the doctor arrived. "I am so glad to see you Johnny." She said. Susan and Mary stood close. Johnny Test Shrink/Grow. by levi Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · # Make any charecter shrink/grow!!!!!, Make any charecter shrink/grow!!!!! This is an interactive story containing 52 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices.