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Fat farms for seniors are residential weight loss retreats where overweight or obese older adults go to lose weight. Weight loss is achieved through a combination of regular exercise and a calorie-restricted diet. The types of activities available however, vary greatly depending on the program. We’re not an adult fat farm, fat camp, or anything else like that. A traditional weight loss camp and the horrendous-sounding “fat farm” doesn’t work long-term for most women who struggle with eating, exercise and weight. A fat farm doesn’t address the behavioral and emotional issues that stand between you and a healthy weight.

Whether it’s our world-class nutritional program, our acre not-a-fat-farm fitness playground, or our top notch daily health educational workshops hosted by our team of certified experts, we believe in a truly individual approach to your fitness journey, no matter what fitness level – our approach works. Cheap weight loss camps are in high demand. With shows like The Biggest Loser promoting the idea of fitness boot camps where attendees drop dozens of pounds, America’s wealthy heavyweights are signing up in droves to resort-style programs that cost tens of thousands of show is cashing in with its own established programs for the public, but wellness centers everywhere have.

Discover a fat farm styled fitness camp program that will give you the boost you need to lose weight and keep it off for good! Why Pay More and get less? Lasting Results FIGHT BACK AND LOSE THE FAT! AMERICA'S 5 STAR RATED ADULT FAT FARM. Discover your best self at America's top-rated fat farm residential program for adults. PRICES AS LOW AS. In the past, when people wanted to drop quick pounds they would go to “fat farms” and old-fashioned adult fat camps for knocking off weight in a short period of time through intense exercise and near starvation at a premium price.