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adult on-set asthma - Behind the scenes of Veronica Bottom and Don Prince on set

Sep 13,  · What is Adult-Onset Asthma? When a doctor makes a diagnosis of asthma in people older than age 20, it is known as adult-onset asthma. Among those who . Adult-onset asthma is asthma that develops in adulthood. In most cases, people develop asthma during childhood, though it can arise at any age. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), 1.

Some people don’t show signs of having asthma until they are adults. This is known as adult-onset asthma. What causes adult-onset asthma? There are many possible factors. Apr 10,  · Adult-onset asthma does not run in families the way childhood asthma does. Instead, many factors have been linked to asthma in adulthood. Certain types of work Asthma that starts or worsens on the job is one type of adult-onset asthma. 5 Usually, a chemical or allergen used at the job site is responsible for triggering symptoms.

Several factors may make a person more likely to develop adult onset asthma. Women are more likely to develop asthma after age Obesity appears to significantly increase the risk of developing asthma as an adult. Individuals who had asthma as a child may see asthma recur later in life. Jul 13,  · Although asthma commonly affects children, it’s also possible for some people to start showing symptoms of asthma during adulthood. In these cases, the condition is known as adult-onset asthma. Adult-onset asthma can be related to different factors and triggers.