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adult pirate jokes - Jacqueline Lovell talking dirty & joking around

The pirate said, “Aye, a bird came by and left droppings in me eye.” The sailor said, “That’s not as impressive as the other two. ” “Aye,” the pirate answered. “It was me first day with the hook.”. Laugh at 25 really funny pirate jokes and puns. We did our best to bring you only the best jokes about pirates. Short Pirate Jokes 1. How much did the pirate pay for his peg leg and hook? An arm and a leg. 2. What do you call a pirate that skips class?.

A pirate wearing a paper towel on his head walks into a bar. The bartender asks “What’s with the paper towel?” The pirate says “Arrr matey, I have a bounty on me head!”. Aug 27,  · Check out these corny jokes, plus learn why we celebrate funny holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day in the first place! Popular Videos Originally Published: August 26,

More jokes about: pirate, sport A pirate was on his ship and his watchman comes to him and says, "1 enemy ship on the horizont." The captain says, "Bring me my red shirt, no men get injured or die." So the watchman comes to him and asks, "Why did you want your red shirt?"81%(83). Top 20 Rude Pirate Jokes: 1. Why did ye chicken cross thee road? To bite ye in the mainsail, arrrgh! 2. A man walks into a bar and sees a priest, a rabbi and a monkey. The monkey looks just like ye wife, arrrgh! 3. A pirate limps into a bar with a squirrel hanging out of his pants holding a steering wheel.