Submissive euro punished in front of husband - adult punished in diapes


adult punished in diapes - Submissive euro punished in front of husband

Mar 13,  · In relationships in which one partner acts like the parent and the other acts like the baby, diaper discipline is a form of sexual role play designed to humiliate one partner (the adult baby) while giving the other partner (the adult mom or dad) complete dominance. Jan 10, - Explore Daniel O'Malley's board "Diaper punishment" on Pinterest. See more ideas about diaper punishment, diaper, diaper girl pins.

Mar 16,  · In general, there are two types of diaper punishment. This first is where adults who identify themselves as adult babies or diaper lovers (ABDL) wear or make their partners wear diapers for sexual purposes. The second type is when children who have outgrown diapers are made to wear them as punishment for wetting their bed etc. First she went to walmart grabbed his favorite adult diapers (depends). She then walked over to the woman's underwear department and got a leotard (the snap crotch kind) to make it his onesie. Then she walked over to the cloths area and picked out the most babyish girly outfit she could find. When she paid for everything she got strange looks.

These questions will ask about the rules you have to follow if you are diaper punished. How much do you have to wear the diaper? 24/7 at home and in public All day at home, but not in public Just the weekdays in public and at home An adult diaper Pullups Baby diapers Youth diapers Goodnites/underjams Very thick adult diaper Very thick youth. The skirt could hardly help puffing out over the triple diaper and locking pants. I felt silly, but I knew from plenty of experience that she liked seeing me like this. Both my fetish girly clothes and my blushing turned her on so much, and I found hope that maybe this punishment would end nicely, and soon.