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adult saddleback caterpillar - Caterpillar

Dec 29,  · Life History: Larva (Saddleback Caterpillar) can inflict a painful sting with sharp bristles on its body. Apr 27,  · Adult caterpillar - An adult saddleback caterpillar is glossy dark brown in color with some black shading, and dense scales can be seen on the body and wings, which makes it look very furry. The hind wings are a lighter, paler brown than the forewings.

Sep 27,  · The saddleback caterpillar measures about an inch long, and has poisonous spines on four large projections (tubercles) and many smaller ones projecting from the sides of its body. The “saddle” consists of an oval purplish-brown spot in the middle of a green patch on the back. Dec 29,  · Saddleback caterpillar moths are fuzzy and dark brown with some cinnamon spots and tiny white spots. These moths emerge from the cocoons the following spring and summer and lay 30 to 50 tiny, flat eggs that overlap like fish scales on the upper surface of leaves of various trees and shrubs. From the eggs hatch tiny, almost transparent.

Jan 31,  · The Saddleback Caterpillar is covered in short hairs that sting when touched, meant to deter predators from trying to eat it. These same hairs can sometimes leave a rash on a poking person, too. It is a member of the Slug Caterpillar Moth family and . Aug 08,  · The adult saddleback is actually a moth with dark brown colors and a wide body. Saddleback caterpillars are easy to recognize because they have brown legs, brown head, green flanks, and a green backside. In the middle of their back, there is a very noticeable brown oval shape which has a white border around it.