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adult spanking relationships - Pornmoza - Dad and daughters secret relationship

Jul 17,  · But as an adult, spanking can actually be a reward—and not necessarily a punishment (unless you’re into that sort of thing wink, wink). “Erotic spanking . Jan 28,  · Thomas Roche, a year-old erotica writer in San Francisco, says spanking is "hot, emotionally charged and so intimate" all at once. But for him, the allure of spanking Author: Yourtango.

Jun 30,  · Uses spanking to maintain order and control. Sets rules about wife's interactions with others. Provides all the power to the HoH. Threatens spanking if rules are not followed. Believes spanking is appropriate for mistakes or rule-breaking. Has control over all the finances. Denies that this lifestyle is abusive and argues that it is consensual. Dec 11,  · For children, it is a rule of thumb to match the number of spanks to the age of the child (6 for a six year-old, 10 for a ten year-old, etc.). For an adult, matching the age would be extreme. It.

People love spanking for a variety of reasons. Some love it because they like to explore pleasure and pain. Others like the role-play aspect of spanker and spankee. I enjoy being spanked for a combination of reasons. I like to be dominated plus I enjoy the sting of a decent flogging. Domestic Discipline is another way for those who want discipline in their relationships to enjoy a variety of different types of punishment, including some of those which may not be age-appropriate for the children or teenagers that our members play. Here at Southern Comfort, we allow consenting adult couples to do whatever they want.