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Adult (成体 Seitai) Spectrobes are the second forms in the Spectrobe's evolution line, evolved from their Child form. As an Adult, the Spectrobe can fight in battles. In the first and second games, the Spectrobe's stats can only be viewed once it becomes an Adult. This is a list of all Spectrobes, arranged first by their generation introduced, then by their entry in the Database. There are a total of Spectrobe species. Of these, are from the first 2 games (76 in Spectrobes + new species in Beyond the Portals). The remaining 55 appeared for the first time in Origins, which had only 90 species. List of Spectrobes in Spectrobes: Origins.

Weight Evolution Line Aoba (ガラルホーク Gararuhōku) is the evolution of Aoi and the pre-evolved form of Aobasar. It is an Adult Spectrobe of the Flash Property in Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, but a Spectrobe of the Sky Property in Spectrobes: Origins. 1 Appearance 2 Database 3 Attacks and Abilities Spectrobes Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Spectrobes. step 3b. touch the spectrobe detail icon in the Incubator, the thing to zoom in on the spectrobe step 4. pick spectrobe step 5. touch the touch the spectrobe step screen for next step (must have the Zeta cube for evolving Adult spectrobes) step 7. scratch the egg-shaped casing on .

Adult forms should have been called Teen forms, and Evolved should have been Called Adult. Evolving a spectrobe allows Rallen to turn a child spectrobe to an adult spectrobe and an adult spectrobe to and evolved spectrobe.