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adult spelling program - The Progressive Punishment Program - Spanking

This adult spelling program Transformed many poor spellers into proficient, confident spellers when all other methods failed. Is a genuine adult learning tool for spelling, not just another children's computer game dressed up as educational software. Does not insult the adult learner's intelligence. Now there's an easy-to-use and fun way to improve! It is well known that English spelling is very hard and many adults struggle with this subject. There are many computer programs to help children with spelling but most of them are not suitable for adults. You may not have received the help you needed at school and Spellzone can fill those gaps.

Give yourself a spelling test! Our reading program also includes a free self-taught spelling program that goes to an adult level. Two CDs will pronounce +words for you to give yourself a spelling test. Included, are correction sheets so you can circle and learn the words you do not know. Adult spelling programs help adults improve their spelling skills and regain self confidence they may be lacking. The ability to learn in privacy at home is one of the greatest strengths of an adult spelling program. Nobody should have to worry about being ridiculed because he or she wants to learn.

This program is research-based and is perfect for grades K-8, adults that struggle with spelling, and English Language Learners (ELL). Scholar Within’s Co-founder Bonnie Terry,, BCET has . This program, also based on Orton-Gillingham, is often used to teach adolescents but may be appropriate for adult learners as well. It’s multi-sensory and combines audio, visual and tactile learning techniques in sessions that reinforce reading and spelling skills. You may recognize it by the sound-tapping that students using the program do.