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Themes is a part of the HTC Sense Home app. To get the latest features of Themes, make sure you've downloaded the newest version of HTC Sense Home. The help content here is based on the following app version: x and up. Jun 27,  · Just a few things I did to my new PPC HTC Mogul. go to deviantart. com/deviation//.

YOUR PHONE, YOUR LOOK. Change the look of your phone’s screen based on your favourite photo. With HTC Sense Themes, you can adapt the wallpaper, ringtone, even the size and shape of your icons, based on a preselected photo or image. Sep 10,  · htc mogul skins.

Mar 17,  · HTC mogul theme question? I just bought the sprint HTC mogul of ebay, (Have not actually worked the phone in person) How do i download themes for my phone, and. set them up. Just so I know in advance, thanks. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. sliq1. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Jan 05,  · htc mogul i finally after along battle with google, found the vista theme pack that microsoft had removed. unfortunately i cant find instructions anywhere to make it look like vista. i do have wisebar 2 and wisebar advanced. can anyone hook me up with detailed instructions for install? i love this look and wish i too could have it. thanks to.