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adult tricycle easy - easy fist 2

Before your counterpart with the big wheels hits the road, you will be cruising at crazy speeds way ahead of them. As we said, folding adult tricycles are built with smaller wheels. This makes them super easy to gain speed. You’ll, therefore, outpace the big wheels as . Adult tricycle all have a "step through" design for easy mounting and dismounting and unlike a bicycle, they have a stable platform that minimizes balance issues. You can ride as slow as you please without losing your balance. And you can put both feet on the ground, comfortably, when stopped.

Description Easy Rider tricycle. The Easy Rider tricycle is a tricycle with a seat for adults. Because of the unique frame, there is a low entry, and the center of gravity lies lower. A big advantage of this third-generation tricycle is that the Easy Rider is very easy to ride on, even if you have never ridden a tricycle before. The Easy Rider has a comfortable seat with adjustable back support, lower back . First make the tricycle on a flat surface and tighten the parking brake. You should now be set on the tricycle your body measurements. That is, if you sit on the saddle, keep both hands on the handlebars, you should have bent the upper body about (about 10 °) to the front.