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Trikke is a personal electric vehicle. Whether for commuting, leisure, sport or professional use, TRIKKE takes you there. Feb 21,  · Adult tricycles, or trikes as they’re regularly called, are cycles designed to help adults rejuvenate the swollen and hard parts of their bodies and also .

Adult tricycles are fun to ride, stable, and generally offer a lot of storage space. If you’re looking for a vehicle you can use to ride around town or perform errands, an adult tricycle might be perfect for you. Nov 26,  · Most people think of an adult tricycle as a convenient way to get from point A to B. While this makes sense, an adult tricycle can also be used as a utility. Its three-wheeled design makes it ideal for hitching a small cart or a wagon to its rear.

Adult Tricycles are more stable than regular two wheeled bikes, so if balance is not your strong suit, consider this good alternative. This section is the Adult Tricycles portion of the cyber-sex.xyz Marketplace. Our Marketplace offers comparison pricing on all the top brands including, Schwinn, Belize, Husky, Mission and much more. Trikke T78cs Adult Size 3 Wheel Carving Fitness Scooter - Fun and Fitness all in one. The Trikke T78cs is a perfect full size fitness machine, for bigger kids or adults. The Trikke T78cs 3 wheel carving scooter comes equipped with a front " air tire and 7" polyurethane rear tires, a great starting set up for you to get the first feel of the fluid Trikke carving motion.