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Aug 15,  · Umbilical Hernia in Adults and Other Related Problems. For most people who are living with the discomfort of an umbilical hernia, surgery is recommended to repair the problem. An umbilical hernia is the bulging out of the tissue near the belly button or navel. The hernia is caused when organs protrude from its original place due to the weakening of the surrounding tissues. Dec 15,  · Symptoms of a strangulated umbilical hernia include: fever constipation severe abdominal pain and tenderness nausea and vomiting a bulging lump in the abdomen redness or other discoloration.

In the age where a common complaint such as a sore throat could be a symptom of anything from a cold to throat cancer, it’s an anomaly to have a medical issue that only has one symptom listed.. However, for anyone wanting to find out about umbilical hernia symptoms in adults. May 23,  · Symptoms Include: Fever Full, distended abdomen Red, blue, lavender, or purple discoloration that turns black Malaise Dizziness Difficulty standing upright Constipation Vomiting.

May 24,  · These are performed physically, ingested, used in recipes, or applied topically: Ice pack Heating pad Ginger Light yoga Acupuncture Herbs Cinnamon Chamomile tea Epsom salt Apple Cider Vinegar Castor seeds oil Berries Cherries Collard greens Kale Black pepper powder Licorice Wheat Rye Metamucil. Nov 16,  · How is an umbilical hernia diagnosed? Your healthcare provider will usually find the hernia during an exam. You may need an ultrasound or x-ray. These tests may show if tissue, fluid, or an organ is trapped inside the hernia. The tests will also help your provider plan your treatment. How is an umbilical hernia treated? Your hernia may go away.