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Aug 04,  · The adult Yahoo group list focuses on adult themes that interest those ages 18 and older. According to Computer Help and Discussion, a Yahoo Group is a way to communicate with groups of like-minded people. Yahoo Groups officially shut down on December This change will not impact your Yahoo Mail account or any other Yahoo products, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo visit to access Yahoo Mail and our other properties.

May 09,  · Carlos asked in Yahoo Products Yahoo Groups · 1 decade ago How do I view a list of adult Yahoo groups? Even thought I belong to a couple of adult groups that require membership, I can not fin any groups in any of the categories within the adult section. This is an open letter from the webmaster of AdonisMale to all adult groups migrating from Yahoo Groups. One year after Yahoo announced the removal of their online features, Yahoo Groups announced that they would be permanently shutting down on December 15

List Of Yahoo Adult Groups. Sitemap. List Of Yahoo Adult Groups. adult groups (Adult (group)) ADULT. is a band from Detroit, Michigan that integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synths and electronic/punk cyber-sex.xyznd, Liz. "Pressure drop: Adult. . Jun 12,  · I have a question on Yahoo Groups? If you make a new adult oriented group are photos of nudity allowed? What are the standards they look for assuming all people in the group are over 18? I have looked over the rules they post but there is nothing stated concerning adult photos, nudity, sex etc anybody know what Yahoo standards are? Please help.