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Adults who still wear diapers under their clothes! Aww So Cute is your premium destination for AGE PLAY, Adult Printed Diapers, adult pacifiers and adult size cribs, Age Play and Adult Baby lifestyle is growing in popularity amongst Cos Play fans, ABDL, DL, AB, TBDL, Sissies and Age Play.

Jan 13, - Explore kimskie's board "Diapers", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about diaper girl, plastic pants, diaper pins. Jun 05,  · In fact, adult diapers made major headlines once Lisa Rinna struck a $2 million deal to promote the Depends diaper for adults. While there have been efforts to make adult diapers a tad more acceptable in regular society, there have also been a number of cases of older people wearing diapers in a completely inappropriate Sara Lu.

Adult diapers are a great level of protection for any number of bladder related issues. You can find relief from many different medical issues by using an adult diaper. Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 benefits of wearing adult diapers. 1. An Option For Every Situation. Years ago adult diapers were a one size fits all solution. ab dl ab/dl ab/dl boy ab/dl community ab/dl girl ab/dl lifestyle adult diaper adult diaper girl girls in diapers kink diaper wearing boys in diapers cg/l lifestyle cg/l community cg/l little space community littles space little space infantilism nappy wet diaper dd/lg aesthetic dd/lg kink dd/lg post ddl/g diapered diaperfur babyfur mommydom.