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Microsoft classifies advertising as adult content if the target website features sexually explicit content, including, but not limited to: Pornography; Dating sites with the clear intent for sexual encounters, where the website content features graphic images on the landing page, . Sep 13,  · 0. #7. How to promote adult sites People may tell you there are ways to promote your adult site for will tell you that you can submit your url to search engines,directories and exchange links,start blogs, But honestly those free ways of promoting your adult site is good, only if you are spending money to promote your site,as eventual goal of a site owner is usually to .

Aug 25,  · The step-by-step guide below will help you to clear your personal computer from adware that opens various Adult ads or redirects the Google Chrome, Firefox, IE or Edge to unwanted Adult sites. Technically, the adware is not a virus, but it does bad things, it can show a lot of pop-up ads including Adult ads/5(3). May 05,  · Also, if you specifically know certain sites you want blocked, you can use the blocklist to do that as well. The default blocklists setup include a few that will generally block DNS requests for domains that host Ad platforms and online Trackers. Blocking ads is the most noted use of Pi-hole.

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