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Jul 06,  · Story highlights. AOL chat rooms, popular in the 90's and early 00's, are less so today thanks to new technology. Chat rooms helped the users communicate rapidly with others like themselves. AOL Chat GENERAL. AOL Chat; AOL Chat Addicts; Brunch Club UK; Chat 18 to 21 UK; Diadem Chat; Fifty Plus Romance; Fiftysomething UK; I Hate Work Chat; Life Begins at 40 UK; Midlands Chat; Netizens Chat; North East Chat; North West Chat; Northern Ireland Chat; Pub Chat; Scotland Chat; Seventy Plus; Sixtysomething UK; South East Chat; South West.

Jun 14,  · AOL Desktop Gold Chat Rooms to shut down on December 15, Learn more about AOL's decision to shutdown AOL Desktop Gold chat rooms on December 15, AOL has made the decision to shut down AOL Chat Rooms, which are currently only available to. Account_Protection — Updated Jun 22, [like count]. Aug 04,  · The AIM chat room directory contains both rooms created by AOL and rooms created by registered users. Once you have accessed the directory of chat rooms, you can join any room by either double-clicking on the name of the room, or by selecting the name of the room and then selecting Go Chat.

Jul 12,  · At the pinnacle of its success, America Online had 35 million paying subscribers, and each subscription was linked to multiple screen names—meaning that at one point, the total number of AOL. Apr 20,  · INAPPROPRIATE GROUP CHAT NAME IDEAS. Hilarious group chat names provide nice handles for the friends that you talk to the most. Every group needs an identity, a name that people will name you choose says a lot about you .