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YALSA's publications offer librarians and library workers a wealth of tips and resources to help make your day-to-day job easier! Teen Summer Learning Programs Webinar of the Month. In a talk moderated by Todd Krueger, – president-elect of the Young Adult Library Services Association, Miller and Wheeler explained the genesis of the project. Miller said that as a kid, after discovering Superman, his other big love was Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. That continuing fascination was a driving factor in wanting to .

Young Adult Library Services is the award-winning official journal of YALSA, and the preeminent journal on library servcies for and with teens. Articles showcase best and emerging practices, provide news from related fields, spotlight significant events of the organization and offer in . As the visibility of services to young adults in libraries increases, it is critical that librarians who work with youth keep abreast of the latest research in the field of young adult services. The following bibliography is a selected list of research articles dealing with issues related to young adult library services.

The Young Adult Library Services Association: 1. Advocates the young adult's right to free and equal access to materials and services, and assists librarians in handling problems of such access. 2. Evaluates and promotes materials of interest to adolescents through special services, programs, and publications, except for those materials. Conclusion: For all of these reasons the Young Adult Library Services Association values young adult literature, believes it is an indispensable part of public and school library collections, and regards it as essential to healthy youth development and the corollary development of healthy communities in which both youth and libraries can thrive.