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Jun 08,  · Baptism Quotes for Adults. Baptism is a picture of devotion and commitment to Christ and even though baptism ceremonies are common for younger children and babies, adults partake in baptismal ceremonies too. These words not only symbolize a rebirth, but celebrate the day as well. Baptism quotes Baptism with water is the sign and seal of baptism with the Spirit, as much as it is of the forgiveness of sins. Water-baptism is the initiatory Christian rite, because Spirit-baptism is the initiatory Christian experience.

Sep 23,  · 12 Wonderful Baptism Quotes For Adults “In the early days of the church.,baptism was a declaration that the believer was definitely identifying himself with that group of people who were called Christians and were despised and hated. To be a Christian meant something. Oct 19,  · Baptism isn’t what saves us, but it’s a beautiful representation of what happens when we make Jesus the lord of our lives. If you’ve experienced the joy of being baptized- or if you’re wondering what it’s all about – my prayer is that these 19 wonderful quotes about baptism give you hope and insight into this very spiritual activity.