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A BMX bike isn't your typical bike. A smaller frame is needed to execute tricks, so both children and adults ride bikes with the same wheel size (20 inches in diameter). The bike's size difference is measured by the length of the top tube, the one that runs from the seat to the handlebars. Nov 27,  · To debunk this myth, I found the best BMX bikes for adults, helping you relive those glory days. The Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser .

Nov 06,  · Considerations when choosing adult BMX bikes The type of riding you plan to do is the biggest factor in determining what kind of BMX bike you need. The following are your options. Street: A . Shop 24" BMX Bikes, 26" BMX Bikes, 27" BMX Bikes, and 29" BMX Bikes including bmx cruisers, retro bmx bikes, big bmx bikes and more! Cruise the streets on your SE Big Ripper and live that #SEBikesLife, or pop a wheelie on the GT Bikes Performer. Get the perfect BMX bike from top quality brands such as SE Bikes, Haro, C.

Inspired by the motocross riding style and dirt jump tracks. From tricks and flips to cruising around town, these BMX bikes are all about action. Made with lightweight yet rugged frames, our collection of BMX bikes are ready to rip, be it the street, dirt, or the park.