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May 30,  · To better alleviate muscle strain, older adults can also engage in active recovery, which encompasses lower impact activities such as walking, yoga, stretching, and foam rolling. Jul 08,  · July 8, -- The older you get, the more you may have to work to maintain your muscles, according to a new study. Researchers report that men and women over the age of 60 have to lift weights.

Mar 13,  · "We conclude that measurement of muscle mass relative to body height should be added to the toolbox of clinicians caring for older adults. Future research should determine the type and duration of exercise interventions that improve muscle mass and potentially increase survival in (healthy), older adults.". Oct 09,  · While exercise buffs have long used protein supplements to gain muscle, new research from McMaster University suggests one protein source in particular, whey protein, is most effective for seniors.

For seniors focused on building muscle after 70, regular weight training is key, as is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and staying as active as possible. How to Build Muscles at Age 70 | Therefore, the best means to build muscle mass, no matter your age, is progressive resistance training (PRT), says Dr. Storer. With PRT, you gradually amp up your workout volume—weight, reps, and sets—as your strength and endurance improve. This constant challenging builds muscle and keeps you away from plateaus where you stop making gains.