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cause of seizure in adult - MILF finishes what she started in adult theater

Nov 16,  · A brain tumor or head trauma. A stroke. Exposure to toxins. Drug or alcohol overdose or withdrawal. Eclampsia. Fever or infection. An electrolyte imbalance or low blood sugar. Generally, the seizure types, causes and treatments are similar in people of different ages. Yet there are unique issues at each age group to consider. And too often, seizures go unrecognized or not treated appropriately in adults. These delays can make it harder to gain seizure control and affects a person’s quality of life in many ways.

Nov 01,  · Heavy consumption of alcohol can cause seizure in adults; Addiction to ecstasy, cocaine and other similar types of drugs; Lack of proper sleep can also cause seizure in adults; Medicines/drugs responsible for interfering with the mentioned seizure medications. Note: Most of the adult women deal with the problem of epilepsy and/or seizures during the menstrual periods. In this . Seizures are a dramatic manifestation of a serious disturbance in brain activity. A diverse variety of conditions and disorders can precipitate seizure activity in adults. Brain injury, brain swelling and increased pressure on the brain as well as chemical imbalances are .

Jan 12,  · The causes of seizures in adults with no previous history include epileptic, provoked or non-epileptic kind of seizures. The physician has to conduct multiple tests to diagnose the exact cause of your seizure as few medicines can also cause seizures. Sep 10,  · For example, conditions such as migraine headaches, sleep disorders, and extreme psychological stress can cause seizure-like symptoms. Lab tests may help your doctor rule out Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA.