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Although in the past their regenerative/reparative capacity was ignored, misunderstood, or even maligned, a rapidly growing host of clinical applications are being developed, and the clinical utility of adult stem cells is increasingly validated in the literature. Adult stem cells are the true gold standard in regenerative by: 6. Different adult cardiac stem cells and progenitor cells, including mesenchymal, CD34 (+) and CD (+) autologous human bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMCs), human myoblasts, and peripheral blood-derived stem and progenitor cells (PBSCs) have been used for the therapy for end-stage heart by: 7.

Jun 17,  · Adult stem cells have been identified in many animal and human tissues. In general, three methods are used to determine whether candidate adult stem cells give rise to specialized cells. Adult stem cells can be labeled in vivo and then they can be tracked. Candidate adult stem cells can also be isolated and labeled and then transplanted back. Current Clinical Use of Adult Stem Cells to Help Human Patients. Proponents of embryonic stem cell research have created a false impression that these cells have a proven therapeutic use. In fact the embryonic cells have never helped a single human patient; any claim that they may someday do .

At present, there are a significant number of clinical trials exploring the use of MSCs for the treatment of various diseases, including myocardial infarction and stroke, in which oxygen suppression causes widespread cell death, and others with clear involvement of the immune system, such as graft-versus-host disease, Crohn’s disease, and diabetes. Jan 14,  · Advocates for adult stem cells stress that they can be used for the treatment of some medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.