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End-of-day exhaustion (both mental and physical) An upset in the "internal body clock," causing a biological mix-up between day and night Reduced lighting and increased shadows causing people with Alzheimer's to misinterpret what they see, and become confused and afraid. Jun 24,  · Elder has sleep disorders and mixes up day and night.

Apr 27,  · My mom also gets day and night mixed up too. Tonight is the first night we are using a night Aide. I need sleep!!!!! 05/04/ Helpful Answer (0) Report. X. This field is required. Post Reply. See -1 more reply. This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question. When you go to bed at night, try leaving the lights on. It may be the darkness that gets your mind racing and building anxiety, and that's why you feel safer sleeping during the day. Instead of setting the big goal of a night's sleep, just decide to get some rest. This may or may not help, but it's not going to hurt.

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