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what to do if a condom breaks - Mom Knows What To Do When Teen Gets Bad Grades

Jul 22,  · If you know, or even suspect, that fluids were exchanged as a result of a condom breaking during sex and your HIV status or that of your partner is positive or unknown, the ideal next move is to go to the nearest clinic or emergency room with your partner. Explain to the intake doctor or nurse exactly what has happened. Mar 01,  · A condom worn incorrectly can break or slip off, putting you at risk for HIV, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Find out what experts say you should do if the condom breaks.

Mar 14,  · Don’t use oil-based lubrication. The chemicals in the lube can weaken the latex material of the condom, which could cause a break. Instead, look for water- . May 27,  · If a condom slips or breaks prior to ejaculation, carefully withdraw your member. You can then replace the fallen soldier and get back to business. .

Oct 04,  · If you feel the condom break in the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to just ignore it and keep going. But if you can feel the condom Author: Isadora Baum. Here are 4 steps to follow if the condom breaks: 1. Stay calm and find the broken condom. Sometimes pieces of a condom or the whole thing can be wedged inside the body.