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A procedure like this under the skilled hands of our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fara Movagharnia, can help soften out sharp facial features, smooth out the contours of the face, and help present an overall more feminine, delicate appearance for a natural result. Trachea shave surgery (Adam's apple or thyroid cartilage shaving) Prominent thyroid cartilage is frequently a constant embarrassment to a male transsexual. The demand for reducing and contouring the prominent Adam's apple continues to increase in our series. The results of this operation are effective, satisfying and long-lasting. Surgical.

1) A tracheal shave is the ‘simplest’ of all facial feminization surgeries. 2) The direct incision over the laryngeal prominence provides the best reduction. 3) At younger ages the tracheal cartilage is soft enough that it can literally be shaved with a scalpel. Dr. Barry Eppley. Indianapolis, Indiana. Tracheal shave feminization Adam’s apple reduction surgery, or a tracheal shave, is a common procedure in facial gender confirmation surgery. It’s a procedure that the majority of trans women consider when they make the decision to feminize their appearance though surgery. What is tracheal shave /5(17).

To learn more about the tracheal shave procedure and whether you are a candidate, please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at to schedule a consultation . A tracheal shave, known medically as chondrolaryngoplasty, reduces the size of the Adam’s apple in trans women. This common procedure involves shaving down the thyroid cartilage through a small incision in the crease under the chin. The scar is well hidden, and the procedure has no .