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Intraoperative facial nerve activity was digitised and stored on a personal computer for future analysis. Operative events were flagged. Recordings were available in 27 by: Aug 07,  · Intraoperative facial nerve monitoring (IOFNM) is an important adjunct to otologic and lateral skull base surgery, and its use and significance continue to evolve. Facial paralysis is a potentially devastating complication of any temporal bone procedure and can result in extensive cosmetic, functional, financial, and psychological by: 2.

Sep 29,  · Recently, intraoperative facial nerve monitoring (FNM) has become popular for parotid surgery, but its usefulness is still unknown because it is also affected by similar risk factors [10,11]. During the past 20 years, our department has followed an essentially consistent surgical approach for patients with benign parotid Ichita Kinoshita, Ryo Kawata, Masaaki Higashino, Shuji Nishikawa, Tetsuya Terada, Shin-Ichi Haginomo. The facial nerve is at risk of iatrogenic injury in many surgical procedures. Because even the most experienced surgeon may inadvertently injure the nerve, intraoperative neurophysiologic.

Intraoperative monitoring of the facial nerve plays an important role in identification and preservation of the facial nerve during otological and parotid surgeries. OBJECTIVE Intraoperative facial nerve monitoring (FNM) was used to assess the anatomical and physiological integrity of the facial nerve during neurotological, otological, and parotid surgeries. Sep 28,  · Stuck et al 9 reported an intraoperative revision rate of 26% in a series of 46 facial fracture cases. In another study, an intraoperative revision rate of 28% was found in a series of 25 ZMC fractures. 10 The high revision rate in the literature emphasizes the importance of intraoperative imaging and its effect on the final reduction. The high revision rate in ZMC cases in our study, as well as in the Author: Ahmed Alasraj, Nasser Alasseri, Essam Al-Moraissi.