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Oral and maxillofacial surgery requires an extensive year surgical residency training covering the U.S. specialty's scope of practice: surgery of the oral cavity, dental implant surgery, dentoalveolar surgery, surgery of the temporomandibular joint, general surgery, reconstructive surgery of the face, head and neck, mouth, and jaws, facial Glossary: Glossary of medicine. Dec 11,  · The word macular comes from the Latin macula meaning a small spot or blemish. Note -- Macular vision refers to the macula lutea (yellow spot), or simply as the macula, a spot in the retina where vision is keenest. Macular degeneration pertains to the macula and involves partial or total loss of macular .

Sep 03,  · The macula is responsible for distinguishing fine details, perceive facial features, read printed material, or focus on distant objects in order to drive, for example. A macular hole is a small full-thickness break in the lining at the very center of the macula. Macular holes are not uncommon. May 15,  · Macular Damage Hampers Facial Recognition visual field results may be a strong predictor of facial recognition ability. A new study from Columbia University found that patients with glaucomatous macular damage who have good central visual acuity can still struggle to identify faces.

Progressive macular hypomelanosis (PMH) is a skin disorder that historically has been described as having a predominantly truncal distribution. We report 4 adult cases of PMH with facial involvement. The diagnosis was made for all 4 patients after excluding other hypopigmented diseases. Nov 05,  · Abstract Importance Facial recognition is a critical activity of daily living that relies on macular function. Glaucomatous macular damage may result in impaired facial recognition that may negatively affect patient quality of Sitara H. Hirji, Donald C. Hood, Jeffrey M. Liebmann, Dana M. Blumberg.