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Jan 28,  · Well, for a start The Emperor’s Fist Armoured Company isn’t cheap on points. You’re looking at around pts if you go absolutely bare bones and take the minimum 5 Leman Russ Eradicator tanks I wouldn’t recommend doing this! In my experience you can’t go past Tank Commander Pask as an automatic upgrade to the standard Tank Commander. Jan 22,  · This time up for review: The Emperor’s Fist Armoured Company. Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles. The Armoured Company is brought to bear when the Astra Militarum needs to break through enemy lines and press into the heart of their army. Leman Russes backed with Enginseers bear down relentlessly on the enemies of the Emperor.

Emperor’s Fist tank company list Id appreciate some opinions on this list as i have very little exposure to competitive play. I used a very similar list for my first match online the other day and it seemed to perform really well. Fist doesn't add a tonne that your tanks don't already do, but can make them more mobile. Depends on your regiment - if you've got Tallarn tanks, or they're in a Spearhead detachment and have objective secured as a result, then being faster will be terrifying. Wrath lets you shoot a .

Jun 22,  · Therefore, the formation rules trump regular force organization rules and the Emperor's Fist Armored Company would, at a minimum, consist of 4 Tanks, (Commander, Squadron 1, Squadron 2, Squadron 3) instead of 5 tanks, (Tank Commander and his unit + 3 Squadrons). Am I wrong here? Jan 13,  · Vraks PDF Emperor's Fist Tank Company - Pt. 5; Vraks PDF - Emperor's Fist Company Project Pt.4; Apocalypse Battle Report - pts; Imperial Guard - DKK Command (66) December (3) November (1) October (3) September (7) July (4) June (5) May (7).